SmartQuimic 8 | Energy for the future

Energy for the future

Energy, the source of life, is the focus of this issue of SmartQuimic.

Achieving sustainability on energy is an issue, second to none, in the journey to achieve a sustainable planet.

The challenge is approached from the angle of consumption and the angle of supply.

Gradually reduce our appetite for energy can be considered as 'the foundation of the energy transition'. A high level of energy efficiency is beneficial for security of supply, sustainability, affordability for households and industry and competitiveness of the EU economy. It is one of the key objectives of EU energy and climate policy

Gradually move to sustainable sources of energy is a must for the future: the sun, the wind, the sea, the crust of the earth can be ways for us to capitalize on the huge quantities of nuclear energy generated by our sun arriving to us and stored in different ways.

The circular economy understood as part of the sustainable development, has the objective of producing goods and services while reducing consumption, waste, use of water and energy. This circular economy that looks at the full life cycle (not linear, but circular value chain) on the economy and has the full cycle of energy really in his inner focus.

There will be no sustainable future without a sustainable model for energy. In this issue of SmartQuimic we look at new developments in the area that contribute to this end.


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SmartQuimic 8 | Energy for the future